Tuesday 21 August 2012

Catchy slogans and taglines

Catchy taglines are the need of the business industry. They are not only for the upcoming business or products but also for the ones which are established and need rebranding or revamping of their tagline. A slogan has to be unforgettable and tempting, and should be like king ruling the country forever, so that no one else is able to
Erase the marks of the slogan. A slogan should have an attribute that even when a person hears the slogan half asleep he should be able to recollect the one and the only one product associated with the tagline. A tagline is a small phrase, so every word used is counted and has a meaning.

Before you start writing a slogan, sit with your client; understand what that client wants and whom he wants to target. These are few of the clarifications; you should ask the client and converse about before you start working on the tagline. As there are few of the slogans which are only for a certain product or edition and perishes after a while whereas some might be required to rule the market and the heart of the customers, keeping all these things in mind taglines are designed and created effectively.

A slogan maker should research a company’s background, its history, about its growth, achievements, mission etc. So that the slogan reflects the same. A good slogan is the mirror of the company and should not be a part of the sheep herd, but should be able to embark its own presence in the market.
So write business and customer oriented slogans